Talking on SBS中文普通话

Circus, Behind the Scenes

Last week Tons of Sense member Latonya (唐雅)had the pleasure of talking to YuXia on SBS Mandarin about her life and circus

下个星期团体人 唐雅 (Latonya)说话跟 Yu Xia 在 SBS中文普通话电台。


You can listen to the interview below or on the SBS website.

Tons of Sense – Take Back the Night

Circus, Video, Visual Art

Dressing up and heading for a night on the town should never make anyone feel uncomfortable or afraid.

It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, or where you walk, if you are drunk or if you’re alone — There is never an excuse for sexual violence.

The Art of Asking


Over the last week we were happy to announce we had recieved our first ever funding. It is an exciting time for Tons of Sense, but as with many other artists it can sometimes feel hard to accept financial help. There is always doubt as to whether your practice is worth it, if you should stop wasting money and get a ‘real job’. I think joined has articulated this feeling better than Amanda Palmer. Her words on the subject always inspire us to keep trying, to keep making new works and to remember our value as artists.




Circus, Video

omentum is the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events, all you need is a beginning.


Latonya Wigginton
Abby Kelso
Winter Chapman
Maya Tregonning
Rachael Boyd
Ellen Grow
Anna Fisher
Nicole Pienaar
Karina Schiller

Music ‘No Rest For the Wicked’ by Winter Chapman 
Filming by Caleb Morgan and Patter Productions