Stand Here February 2018

Stand Here is an immersive circus experience featuring six talented performers, set in a  dystopian world where everything is not what it seems. In Stand Here the audience is free to move around the performance space, able to interact with the cast and the set, becoming part of the show. Expect to touch, smell, taste and hear, as you are transported into the story unable to look away, unsure if you will choose to make a stand.

Stand Here hero web+logo

Photograph by Emmelined Photography

The show is directed by Latonya Wigginton, a graduate of the Beijing International Art School and the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne. In her words, “Stand Here is a circus show, you can expect to see flips and tricks, but we also hope that our work leaves the audience with a sense of being involved in something greater than themselves.” The performance explores the bystander effect, and examines how the people around us can change how we act.


Photography by Alli Harper

The show’s eclectic cast background’s vary from dance, theatre, circus and music join together to create a show that is inter-sectional, and broad in scope but that also connects with audience members on an individual level. Over one hour solo, duo and full ensemble pieces that use circus combined with other media to present a strong message about own choices- to stand and watch or to make a stand.


Stand Here Cast

Director: Latonya Wigginton

Composer: Winter Chapman

Lighting Designer: Dawn Holland

Image Gallery 

Photography by Alli Harper

Supported By

The Saunders Circus Grant


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