We Can Sparkle Too August 2017

We Can Sparkle Too was a photography project undertaken by Tons of Sense in August 2017.

The project aimed to examine female muscularity and the perception that to be strong women have to reject traditionally feminine styles, despite this being a false dichotomy.

As women who work physically as acrobats there is a constant pressure on us to push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. However, at the same time there still exists expectations to not look ‘too masculine’.

In response to this pressure there exists the idea, that to be accepted as a strong woman you need to embrace a masculine persona, to lose the perception of a ‘girly girl’.

The series was created to show that being a woman who is physically strong doesn’t mean you can’t be feminine. There are so many more expressions in the world than muscles = manly, and with these pictures we are saying we can be kick arse and sparkle too. (Though also the fact that sparkles have a gender in the first place is something that bugs us too.)

You can see more behind the scenes photos here.

Project Credits

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