A Sustainable Festival Outfit

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Cas and Hannah @cassia_acrobrat and @hanisius

One of our first projects at Tons of Sense was a glitter shoot, and whilst we were so happy with the photos, and the message we created- we were at little bit less happy with all of the craft glitter we used. So here is our glitter shoot 2.0 with a focus on how you can be more sustainable in creating in the perfect sparkly look.

The first step in this shoot was to find a source of bio degradable glitter, so we turned to local Melbourne brand Eco Angel. Their glitter is made from plant based cellulose and natural minerals, it even comes in its own aloe vera gel for easy application. Whilst micro plastics from normal craft glitter never bio degrade, Eco Angel’s glitter only takes between 6 months – 1 year to completely breakdown. We also enlisted some professional help thanks to Alex from Black Swan Makeup creating these looks for us!

We also got our hands on some beautiful flowers from Dragon Fly Flowers and Design in Prahran,  that meant instead of using plastic gems or headpieces, we could use fresh petals.We used whole flowers for hair decoration and individual petals for sticking onto glitter.

To go with our bright make up looks we had some fantastic clothes courtesy of Fantom Wear. Fantom wear is a Melbourne based clothing brand that makes amazing shiny clothes for festivals, still small operation they make all their clothes locally- sweatshop free!

abby ferns.JPG

Abby – @abbymkay

So we know not everything project we undertake is going to be 100% environmentally friendly, but this was for us a step towards creating a more sustainable practise and just in general being aware of the wider impact we have on the world around us.

Project Credits

Makeup @blackswanmakeupfx

Wardrobe @fantomwear

Glitter @eco_angel_

Flowers @dragonflyflowers

Photographer @jackwilliamwilde

General getting stuff done awesome person @winteracrobat

Models from @tonsofsense: